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We are looking for people with whom we can achieve synergy by offering their knowledge through our platform so that they can learn more easily, faster and more systematically. The courses can be shared through Facebook, so they get more and more people among friends and acquaintances of the participants to join – As a result, the courses can become popular within a short time.

Our platform

We offer a tailor-made software solution that allows you to convey your courses under your own brand to your followers, designed on the principle that the interface on mobile devices should be as efficient and user-friendly as on desktop PCs.

About Us

We are a group of young developers who put their ideas into practice.
We offer first-class services in the field of web design, application & software development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms as well as film and video productions.
Our Webuni platform serves as a basis for an educational framework which enables international educational institutions and companies to convey their teaching materials to the apprentices through their own educational platform.


Payment Interface

On the payment interface, two payment methods are possible, credit card payment and PayPal payment. The invoice will be sent to your customer by email.

Vouchers and coupon promotions

You can issue vouchers to offer discounts or free courses to customers in order to make your courses even more attractive.


Statistics are at hand, any time. You can easily find out who has enrolled for a course, how many have completed a course, you can look at user activities such as questions or announcements or payment statistics.
Custom requests can also be fulfilled, since the framework system is designed in such a way that the database is able to monitor all the activities of the users exactly.


Your courses are safe with us. Downloading courses and content is not possible through our platform. We also use IP restrictions so your content is not accessible by too many devices.

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